Let’s get to know each other 🙋‍♂️

I am Mateusz (Matthew), a photographer, videographer, and digital creator living in Toronto (Etobicoke).
I hail from beautiful Poland and currently reside in Canada. My passion for photography started at a young age when my dad gave me my first analog camera. This adventure continues to this day.

Husband and father

My first beautiful model, my current wife, showed me what truly brings me joy in photography: people.
From there, it all fell into place. I gained two more little golden-haired models, and family and portrait photography quickly became my primary passion.

Sports enthusiast

I love sports and staying active.
Due to a lack of time, I don’t go to the gym, but I enjoy working out at home using my own body weight.
Push-ups or pull-ups, for example. I also like taking walks and playing soccer.
In the winter, I love going skiing with my friends.

Land surveyor ?

Yes… by education, I’m a land surveyor.
I worked in Poland, and since 2017, I’ve been working in Canada.
In short…🤔, it’s a job that involves measuring land or infrastructure.
So… if you see a guy standing with equipment on a tripod, looking into the distance… that’s us, the land surveyors😅.

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