Videographer & Digital Creator.
Hi 👋 I’m Matthew and welcome to my website

Photographer, Videographer & Digital Creator, not only captures beautiful moments but also crafts unique visual stories.
My work enables clients to preserve unforgettable moments while exploring creative and artistic possibilities.
This results in distinct benefits through beautiful and emotionally resonant photographs.

Photographer, Videographer & Digital Creator Toronto

How can I help you?

I am a versatile photographer, videographer and digital creator who can be useful in various aspects of life, helping to preserve memories, promote businesses, and express creativity in visual art.

Portraits and Fashion

In my portraits, I strive to capture your personality, creating lasting mementos. I support the fashion industry by photographing models and clothing for advertising and publications.

Real Estate

I assist in presenting properties for sale to attract potential buyers.
High-quality photos look more valuable, potentially allowing the seller or landlord to command a higher price.

Marketing and branding

Essential photography for businesses, aiding in the creation of appealing images for advertising, product marketing, and branding.


These photographs become cherished mementos that can be enjoyed for years to come, celebrating the bond between humans and animals.


Whether it’s for a personal event, business promotion, or any other purpose, high-quality video content can convey stories and messages effectively, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Photo Manipulation

This can be particularly useful for businesses, advertisers, or individuals looking to create compelling and attention-grabbing visuals for marketing, personal use, or artistic expression.

Photographer, Videographer or Digital Creator? YES !!
I am at your disposal 😉

By contacting me, you will find personalized solutions for your needs.

Photographer or videographer 🤔 – why should you choose me?

Creative Excellence​

Delivering stunning visuals that tell your unique story.

Professional Versatility

One-stop solution for both photography and videography needs.

Reliable Expertise

Count on a trusted professional for top-quality results.

Happy Clients

Based on 8 reviews
Kate Kate
Kate Kate
I am very delighted with the photos. He did a maternity session for us and photos of our baby. I highly recommend it. Great photographer in Etobicoke. 😊
Kinga Kwiatkowska
Kinga Kwiatkowska
As his wife😘, I really like his photos and his style of photography. I have the privilege of having "free"😍 sessions, which I enjoy very much. I'm his private model. He can position the person very well and manage the session. Beautiful photos that I recommend to you too🤗🤗!!
Estera Walczak
Estera Walczak
We had a great engagement photo shoot with Mateusz. He is very professional and easy to get along with. I highly recommend his services!
Davut Er
Davut Er
We got very nice photos. Mateus is a very experienced and professional photographer. He was very patient, especially when taking pictures of the children.
Teresa Dobek
Teresa Dobek
Mateusz is a very nice person and great to work with. He is very professional, with very fresh ideas. He makes amazing pictures and it's really worth going there!
I had photoshoot with him. I just went with my normal look and clothes. By his creativity that photos are published in more than 3 magazines ! Amazing work !
himanshu kumar mishra
himanshu kumar mishra
MK Photography is the one-stop solution for the best photos of yours. Mateusz is a very professional and friendly photographer. He would do the wonder if given a chance. His works speak about excellence. I would highly recommend MK photography for all your life's celebrations.

Photographer, Videographer, or Digital Creator – Step-by-step guide on how cooperation with me looks like

1. Commencement of Cooperation – Initial Consultations Regarding Photo Sessions and Video Recordings:

To kick off our collaboration, reach out to me either through the contact form or directly via email, conveniently accessible on the contact page. This initial step will help me grasp your specific needs and objectives. When composing your message, outline your expectations, preferences, potential session or filming locations, along with the preferred time and date. Feel free to describe the desired atmosphere and the scope of photography or videography you’re seeking. I’m here to resolve your needs to the best of my abilities.

Once we’ve aligned on all objectives, I’ll provide you with a contract for signing and an invoice detailing payment options such as:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash

Every signed contract requires a 30% deposit. Please note, this deposit is non-refundable upon project commencement.

2. Strategic Planning – Photo or Video Sessions:

Upon understanding the requirements, I delve into meticulous session planning. This includes thorough location scouting, planning, and potential acquisition of necessary equipment or minor accessories. Given our human nature, I’m completely fine if you show me, for instance, session ideas or video recordings from your phone.
All to ensure your satisfaction from this session🤩.

3. Essential Collaboration – Photo and Video Sessions:

This phase is pivotal. Equipment preparation and setup, both indoors and outdoors, are crucial for optimal lighting. Throughout the session, I strive for the best outcome. Therefore, if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to let me know what I could improve.
Session duration varies based on the package and individual needs.
For video shoots, the recording process involves using a camera. I don’t use cell phones for recordings as I believe the image quality significantly surpasses with higher-end equipment. If you have suggestions during the recordings for additional shots, please inform me. It makes the final video creation process much smoother, and your feedback remains invaluable for future projects 😉.

4. Culmination – Selection and Editing of Photos or Video Material:

At the end of the session, I’ll swiftly curate and present your private gallery prepared in my base system. You’ll receive a link in a private message, and your role involves selecting preferred photos.
!!Remember, the gallery images are compressed for faster server deployment, resulting in quicker image loading for you.
After selection, simply click “SEND,” expressing your approval for editing the chosen photos. I’ll receive an immediate notification and can proceed with further work.
My editing process encompasses comprehensive color correction, meticulous retouching, adding/removing potential elements, and preparation for printing.
As for video editing ideas and suggestions, as mentioned earlier, it’s best to discuss on-site due to file sizes that can be cumbersome to load on servers because of their size.
It’s frustrating for both of us if things load slowly😉.

5.Delivery and Approval – Delivery and Acceptance of Photos and Videos:

Edited photos and completed videos are shared in high quality via Google Drive or another chosen online portal. There’s also an option for you to receive the photos and the final film on an external drive. If you’re interested in this option, please let me know. Additionally, you’ll receive prints according to the selected package.
Minor revisions within two days of receiving photos and videos are welcomed. You have full rights to request these, bearing in mind they are minor adjustments only.

6.Integration – Implementation on the Website or Social Media:

All multimedia files undergo meticulous editing on calibrated sRGB screens. To ensure consistency across different devices, I strongly advise refraining from using filters when sharing on websites or social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. Also, I want to clarify that I don’t provide RAW files or raw video materials.
You’ll receive the finalized product only.

Collaborating with me as your photographer demands open communication and mutual effort to achieve the best results for you 🤩.

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